EMN Epitaxy 2019 Amsterdam - TNL is presenting its Innovative EpiGrow simulator for replicating MBE and MOCVD reactors process through invited talk "Innovative Atomistic Approach to handle homo/hetero epitaxial growth through New Era TNL’s EpiGrow Simulator". TNL is actively looking for Channel Partners worldwide for expanding its innovative TCAD Tools Market. To become channel partner drop email at info@technextlab.com

TNL Framework includes family of simulators based on atomistic level. It provides innovative technology solution to semiconductor industry. The technology development is expensive process and suffers with lot of technical challenges & issues. TNL framework is designed to innovate the semiconductor device designing. It accomodate atomistic based thin film growth simulator, full band simulator, material characterization simulator and Monte Carlo particle device simulator. Growth of semiconductor thin films on various substratesis a sophisticated, expensive and time consuming process. For the growth of costly and rare materials, too much hit and trials can't be tolerated. EpiGrow simulator provides an exact solution for thin film growth.

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EpiGrow simulator is powerful tool to trace atomistic epi growth inside reactors. Kinetic Monte Carlo algorthms keeps Randomness in adsorption, hopping & desorption processes. It offer cost economical solution for thin film growth technology even for nm thin monolayer. Capable to predict the initial conditions for Molecular Beam Epitaxy & Molecular Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) reactors. Capable to calculate the lattice constant of monolayer, trace different types of defects, and strain. Optimizer provides flexibility to optimize initial conditions with EpiGrow Simulator and run design of experiments over computer.

Followed by Epi growth, mobility simulator help in deep understanding of real electron transportation on Full Electronic Band Structure including different scattering mechanisms under the Electric and Magnetic field and simulate Mobility. The Particle Device Simulator help in predicting I-V data of lower node semiconductor devices to higher node device technology through solution of Boltmann Transport Equation.

TNL also provides consultancy services to semiconductor industry thin film growth modeling and device modeling with all the appropriate physical effects and better understanding of underneath physics.

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